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Accepting patient payment online just got easy!

Your patients will love the convenience of paying online. Whether it's lunch, nights, or weekends your practice is always ready to accept payments.

Patients can easily pay their balance simply by visiting your website.

Patients pay faster without the need to call the office or write a check. 

Reduce receivables, administrative costs, and boost profits! 

Patients love fast, easy, and secure online payment.


you can trust

With over a decade of experience in the payment industry we have worked with over a thousand medical professionals.

Our goal is to help all practices extend the convenience and simplicity of online payment to their patients.

We set out to make it so simple you can get set up in under 15 minutes, without having to change your current processor for in office payments.

Don't send another statement without the option to pay online.

Our PCI compliant platform hosts the entire payment experience for you. It's the ideal way to combine secure payment processing with simplicity.

We will work directly with your website company to save you time. If you manage your website we will be happy to walk you through the simple process.

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Straightforward pricing with no complex fees. You even have the option of eliminating fees all together!

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