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Education Payments

Flexible payment options without the high cost


There is a lack of support for credit card payments in early childhood education and care.  

From a business perspective this is understandable. However as younger and younger generations of parents enroll their children, not accepting credit cards for such an expensive investment seems out of place. 

We created a solution to give parents choice and flexibility without coming at the expense to the school. We treat every school as if our children were enrolled.


Accept credit card payments and electronic checks.

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Our system combines technology and marketing principles to allow you to accept credit cards without the traditional fees.

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Personal consulting to design a custom program for your school.


Level 1 PCI compliance helps ensure your data is safe.

Helping the Parents 


More payment options allow families to choose based on their individual needs.


Accepting credit cards gives parents who need it more time to pay, while the school is still paid on time.


Tuition installments can be automated to save parents the trouble of remembering to send payments.

Helping the Administration

Our easy to use technology and 1-on-1 coaching will make receiving payment easier than ever saving headaches, time, and resources.

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Our secure payment gateway allows you to process, track, and schedule payments from any computer or directly on your website.


We will teach you how to offer every parent a discount with no loss of revenue.


Simple reporting allows you to track payments with additional information such as the child's name.


ACH drafts allow you to accept checks electronically with no need to visit the bank


Track cash, check, ACH, and credit card payments all in one easy to use place

Helping the students


Our system allows you to expand your payment options without losing revenue.


The more choices presented to parents the easier it is to enroll their children.

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The more children enrolled the more revenue to enhance the educational experience for the students.

helping parents
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