Zero Fee Processing

Eliminate up to 100% of your monthly processing costs using our automated cash discount program

Automated Cash Discount

Many healthcare providers give incentives for patients to pay. Cash discounts, pay in full discounts, prepaid discounts have been offerd to patients for years.


Our PayLO cash discount processing program gives patients an incentive to pay cash while eliminating up to 100% of your monthly processing costs!

  • Eliminate up to 100% of your monthly processing fees.

  • Increase cash payments  

  • Thousands of dollars in year end savings.

  • Patients love the idea of a discount.


Are you looking for a way to accept credit cards without the high monthly costs? PayLo is an automated cash discount program. It rewards cash paying patients, while freeing your practice from having to fund everyone's:

  • Airline Miles

  • Travel Rewards

  • Cash Back

PayHub+ Gateway

Powerful yet easy to use technology pulls your practice ahead. All with PayLo eliminating up to 100% of your monthly costs!

  • Easy to read dashboard and reporting, accessible from anywhere you have internet access

  • Hosted payment page allows for secure online patient payment.

  • Automatic recurring payment plans for patients with balances.

  • Virtual Terminal allows you to accept payment from any internet capable device, encrypted swipe and chip capable for in office payments.

  • Transact Safe and encrypted swipe keep information safe and PCI compliant.

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