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Payment Solutions for Your Industry

ViewPoint Payments works with a variety of industries for their payment processing needs. Our comprehensive suite of payment products will help you gain new customers, increase your bottom line, and help you remain competitive within your market. Take a further look at the various industries we serve.


There are certain industries which have a net profit margin comparable to the cost of accepting credit card payments. According to Forbes, liquor Stores, convenience stores, and other direct selling establishments fall into this category. ViewPoint Payments is breathing new life and profits into these business along with any other retailer that wants to break free from the burden of traditional merchant fees.    


Restaurants and food trucks with a lower average transaction are an ideal fit for our PayLo program. Restaurant management is hard work with long hours. We think you deserve to keep your hard earned money, not give part of it to the credit card companies.  

Personal Services

Streamline everyday tasks and get back to servicing your customers with our full suite of payment processing solutions.From barber shops to nail salons, our solutions will allow you to increase your profits and grow your business over time. 

Professional Services

We understand the unique viewpoints of professional services and are here to help with their payment needs. Our solutions give you the ability to integrate payment acceptance seamlessly while offering your clients and customers a variety of ways to pay.

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