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Keep You Money!

At ViewPoint payments we are shifting the paradigm of payments. 

Our solutions lift the burden of payment costs from the business while still giving the customer the convenience of using their payment of choice. 

Our Services

PayLo is a cash discount program that can save you up to 90% off your current processing rates. It has baked-in technology that automatically assesses service fees and discount amounts with each purchase. Much simpler than traditional processing, the program offers fixed flat or fixed %-based fee structures.

PayLo Cash Discount Program

Save 90% on Processing Fees!

Our Services

Our goal is to free your business from the burden of traditional merchant fees. 

Need a gateway or virtual terminal? Let us show you our portfolio of robust eCommerce solutions to help your business take off. 

Equipment Installation

Whether you just need a robust terminal, or an all-inclusive POS system, we have you covered with our suite of products.

Ready to find out more?

Traditional processors want to see your statements before quoting what your savings will be. This is because they have an inverse relationship with saving you money.


Every dollar they save you is a dollar less profit for them. At ViewPoint Payments you can calculate your savings yourself with complete transparency. Contact us today to answer any questions or to say goodbye to traditional merchant fees.

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