Accept Credit Card Payment Without the Fees


As parents we found most schools did not accept credit cards due to the high costs.


Those that do ultimately receive less revenue per child than had they been paid by check.

By combining over a decade of experience in the payment industry with proven marketing principles, we developed a solution thats a win for both families and schools alike.

You can now provide the convenience and flexibility credit cards offer without the traditional costs.

Your school can accept credit card payments without traditional fees.

Families love having the ability to choose what payment method works best for them.

From training to support, we treat every school as if our own children were enrolled.

Reduce administrative time and expenses while making it easier for parents to pay.


you can trust

ViewPoint Payments has developed a custom solution combining proven marketing principles with advanced payment technology. Schools can now accept credit card payments without the traditional fees.

Turbo charge your fundraising by accepting credit cards. Donations made by credit card are easier and larger on average.

Our PCI compliant platform hosts the entire payment experience for you. It's the ideal way to combine secure payment processing with simplicity.

Help families better access education through existing lines of credit. Credit cards extend payment periods for families while delivering revenue ontime to schools.

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