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eCommerce Solutions

ViewPoint Payments offers a full suite of eCommerce solutions designed to help you increase your online revenue and accept online payment easily and securely. Our Payment Gateway provides tools such as check out solutions, a virtual terminal, and shopping cart features so you can seamlessly accept payments online and get paid faster. As a Level 1 PCI Compliant Gateway, we guarantee your online transactions will be safe and secure.

Our Services


Accept online card payments and ACH payments quickly. Our shopping cart solution will allow you to quickly and easily integrate your website to our payment gateway.


Create and manage recurring payments, search for specific transaction history, generate refunds or reversals, and send digital receipts with a virtual terminal.


Gain flexible integration features to enhance your online presence. Our Gateway and Mobile APIs give you full control and customization.

Start Selling Online Quickly and Securely

Begin processing online payments for your website with our shopping cart web checkout. You can sell single or multiple item transactions, accept donations through a form or button, and offer a variety of ways for customers to pay.

Add just a snippet of HTML code to your website and you will be on your way to accepting payments.

Get automatic receipts for you and your customers that notify you of the transaction, including item information.

Begin adding basic information such as donation amount, price, item name and description, shipping cost and much more.

Build as many buttons as you want with no additional cost.  Our solutions can be customized for your specific business needs.

No Additional Cost

"Buy Now" Button

Automatic Receipts

Accept Payments Easily

Accept Payments Online

Collect and view all of your sales no matter how many ways you process payments with our Virtual Terminal.  It comes with the latest security standards and is completely PCI Compliant and PA-DDS Certified.  

  • Customize pages for your business

  • Easily manage what users have access to

  • Incorporate built-in tools to minimize fraud

  • Set up recurring billing for scheduled payments

  • Process transactions and track revenue data easily

Seamlessly Integrate Payment Solutions

With our payment gateway integration installed on your site, you can begin reducing gateway fees, remove PCI scope from your application, and gain a full suite of comprehensive tools and solutions designed to grow and protect your business.

Integrate card processing into your ecommerce or POS application using RESTful web services and encoded messages.

As a Level 1 Service Provider, we meet or surpass all PCI regulations so you can rest assured knowing our solutions are secure.

Remove PCI scope from your application and begin storing sensitive data onto our servers for ultimate protection.

Gain innovative payment solutions designed to increase your profits with customizable web checkout features and mobile solutions.

Advanced Processing



Robust API

Shopping Cart & Checkout
Virutal Terminal
Seamlessly Integrate Payment
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