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Which method of paying bills is the easiest for both you and your patients?

Mailing Checks

Writing out a check, stamping and addressing an envelope, putting it in a mailbox, then hope it makes it.


Opening the envelope, taking the check to the bank, waiting on line to deposit, then waiting for it to clear.

For your practice...
Pay by Phone

Calling during office hours which coincide with your own work schedule. Possibly waiting on hold.

waiting on hold.jpg

Stopping what your doing to answer the phone, getting to the terminal, entering the payment information, then mailing a receipt.

For your practice...
Paying Online

Conveniently paying anytime you are ready from your phone, tablet or computer. Instantly receieving an emailed receipt 

virtual terminal.jpg

Receiving an email that your patient has already paid and receipt has been sent. The transaction details are secure, stored, and easily searchable.

For your practice...
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