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Secure and cost-effective payment processing solutions

Offset Credit Card Fees

Accept payments on any device, at any time, from any location while keeping more of you hard earned money.


Our gateway allows you to offset your credit card fees by automating a small price increase on all transactions and offering a discount for customers paying in cash.


Alternatively our gateway can apply an item level price difference to all sales items similar to gas stations. With one price for cash, one price for credit you can comply with New York guidelines. 


The difference is collected by the gateway and used to pay 90-99% of your processing costs. 

Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and ACH directly from your website or any phone or computer.  All while avoiding traditional processing fees.

High Performance, Reliability And Fast Transaction Processing

Level 1 PCI Compliant and offers 256-Bit SSL encryption on a secure HTTPS

Virtual Terminal and hosted payment pages allow your practice to leverage powerful payment technology

Easy to read reporting means every transaction detail is only a click away. No more paper receipts!

Happy Patients

Online Payment

56 percent of all bills are paid online. Unfortunately this technology has not been readily available, or easy to implement for small business. We make it simple for you to accept payment online.

  • We host the entire payment experience for you. It's the ideal way to combine secure payment processing with simplicity.

  • Customers love the convenience to pay their balance online.

  • Email notifications and a detailed dashboard make tracking payments a breeze.

  • Our payment function is easy to integrate with your site. We will help you or work with whatever company handles your site.

  • Drive up traffic on your site by inviting each family to pay online.

online payment

Massive Savings

Thanks to patented and legally vetted technology, you can now offset 90-99% of your processing costs.

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  • Save thousands of dollars every month.

  • Reward cash paying customers.

  • Stop paying for others miles, rewards, & points.

  • Receive the same revenue for your hard work regardless of how the customer pays.



Virtual Terminal

Our web based virtual terminal enables any computer, tablet, or smartphone to accept payments. With powerful new features and encrypted transactions accepting payment has never been easier!

  • Process payments, refunds or void transactions in real-time or in batches.

  • Manually key in credit card information for accepting payments (can also be connected to accept EMV Chip and NFC for in-person payments).

  • Set up recurring or installment billing for payment plans.

  • Print/email receipts immediately or securely store card information for invoicing.

  • Process ACH transactions. An eCheck plays a similar role as its paper counterpart, however funds are withdrawn digitally from a buyer's checking account and transferred over the ACH Network

Virtua Terminal

Installment Plans

  • Enables simple and rapid set-up of timed, automated credit card transactions or ACH.

  • Encrypted storage and management of payment plans.

  • Flexible payment frequency allows you to set and edit your own schedules.

  • Optional Account Auto Updater. We can automatically update credit card changes from your subscription database. No more expired or replaced cards.

If you are currently setting up installment plans for existing balances you will love the convenience of automatic recurring payments. No more late payments!

Payment Plans
Data security

Data Security

Your patients information is protected with the highest level of card processing security available. We make compliance easy.

  • Our gateway is level 1 PCI Compliant on a secure HTTPS.

  • Store cards on file with high level encryption greatly reducing practice liability

  • Accept payments online through our PCI compliant hosted payment page.  

  • Point-To-Point Encryption secures cardholder data within the card reader at the point of sale. Reduces your risk and liability for in office payments

Invoice Manager

Online bill presentment & payment system

Complete Online Bill Presentment 

Create a simple online account where responsible parties can log in to see payment history, invoices, balance info, and make payments. 

Reduce administrative time and unnecessary phone calls when everything is organized and accessible through our secure online portal.


Easily upload invoice information from spreadsheets, other sources, or create one new in our system


Brand the portal and invoices with your own logo


When logged into their online portal  can view payment history, balances, or make payment.


Encrypted SAFE allows secure on file payment methods for easy future payments

Convenient for You

 Invoice Manager keeps everything electronic payment related in one organized place.

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View all payment records, balances, and receipts from any internet capable device.

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Less administrative time spent on the phone over payments.

icons8-fee-50 (1).png

Reduce costs on stamps, ink, and envelopes

Convenient for Customers

 WIth simple account access responsible parties can easily view information and payment history and make payments.

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Email notifications when invoices are created and payments are made


Great for for business clients who have multiple departments who need access to their account.


Encrypted SAFE allows payment method on file for easy future payments

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